Here's the deal.

Other companies pay out $10 per $137 solar panel you help sell. If you want to recommend a better panel that happens to be cheaper, you'll make a worse commission. That's a broken system.

MYAH stocks panels from the same suppliers as the most popular online solar brands and we don't pay Big Tech a dime for expensive listing fees or ads. We pass on all the savings to you and your audience. When you help sell a panel with MYAH, your audience gets a hugely discounted price  and you get paid $20 – DOUBLE the commission! And that's not the only way we beat other referral programs.

The top five ways we help you win

1. We pay $20 commissions on every panel sold: double the Amazon Associate payout rate (or more).

2. We know that solar tech can be complicated, so we made our referral cookies last 90 days instead of 24 hours, boosting your conversion rate and giving you credit for repeat buyers.

3. Your audience will love the deep discounts you can offer them with your unique coupons we generate for you, boosting your referral link click-through rate.

4. If somebody uses your coupon code a year from now, you'll still get that commission even if their browser doesn't have your special referral program cookie! We're doing everything we can to track your traffic back to you so you can get the commission you deserve.

5. We buy our equipment from the same suppliers as other top brands in mobile and off grid solar, meaning you can replace your current referral links with ours TODAY and still be recommending the same products you already trust. Don't wait to start supercharging your commissions!

And remember, those are just the top reasons. We got more where those came from.

How to get started

1. Click the link above and sign up through our affiliate platform provider.

2. Enter your PayPal or bank account details.

3. We will review and approve your request and send you your Affiliate Link.

4. Place the Affiliate Link in all of your content that recommends our products to people in your community. If they visit and make a Qualifying Purchase within 90 days, you will receive credit for the purchase.

5. A payment will be made in your account approximately 60 days after the end of the month for which you are being paid. This gives us time to process all payments correctly and ensure that our program isn't being gamed.

A complete explanation of the Referral Program conditions can be found on this page: Referral Program Info.

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